Seat Dedications

Contribution opportunities are available for memorial seats at The Dixie. For a contribution of $200, a brass plaque in memory or in honor of a person or group will be placed on a theater seat. To make a contribution you can download the SEATING PLAQUE FORM, fill out and either mail or bring by The Dixie with payment. Any questions or to do this over the phone or email, please contact Angela Chasse at or call (731) 986-2100.


     In honor of:   by:
H12    Jerry Atkins   Sam Barger
H1    Paula Atkins   Sam Barger
B25    Buster Barger   Jerry & Paula Atkins
F32    Clay Barger   Sam Barger
E16    Sam Barger   Billy & Jackie Tines
H31    Reverend William P. and Leanne Bailey   Sam Barger
B30    Steve & Jennie Barnett   Sam Barger
B18    Judy Murray Bowers     R. Jack Bowers
E32    David, Lezlie, Dillon & Grace  Burden   Gene & Sue Burden
C25    Mark, Anita, Anna & Rachel  Burden   Gene & Sue Burden
J16    Lewis & Willodean Carter   Mr. & Mrs. Reggie Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Carter, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rogers & Families
F29    Johnnie & Barbara Clifton   Johnnie & Barbara Clifton
A19    Jim & Arleen Cooper   Sam Barger
A10    Wayne L Cooper   Robert & Beverly Orr
A11    Bobbie Orr Cooper   Robert & Beverly Orr
E2    Kimberli Hood-Easley and Centerstage Productions as Director of Dixie Youth Theatre & Dixie Players 2003-2009   Friends of DYT
C23    Virginia Claire Edwards   Mayor Dale & Carlene Kelley
B4    Rosa Funderburk   Billy & Jackie Tines
C4    The marriage of Judy Belew &  Sam Goodman   Dale & Carlene Kelley
J20    HHS Class of 2000   Class members
E1    Brook Hodges   Sam Barger
C1    Charles Hodges   Sam Barger
B31    Rev. Jerry & Ann Jeffords   Sam Barger
A8    Dale R. Kelley   The Kelley Family
D25    Mayor Dale R. Kelley   Council, Employees & Citizens of The Town of Huntingdon
D29    Marguerite Kirksey   Kirksey Family
A1    The McCoy Family   Sam & Jane McCoy
B9    The Marriage of Sam & Nancy McCoy   Sam & Judy Goodman
C2    Butch & Gena Maddox   Anonymous
H17    W.L. “Bill” Moody   Mrs. W.L. Moody and Family
D14    Melba Carter Morrison   Dixie Carter
E13    Jerry Nolen   The Town of Huntingdon and The Dixie Carter PAC staff
A12    Geneva Orr   Wayne & Bobbie Cooper
D15    Dr. Scott & Kathy Portis   Marshall & Martha Priest
J17    Eleanor Priest   Marshall, Mike and Jim Priest
F12    Dr. Marshall F. & Martha Priest   Dr. Scott & Kathy Portis
D8    Rachel & Laura Smothers   William & Linda Smothers
B1    Bill & Betsy Stout   Larry & Betty Forbess
H29    C. H. “Red” Summers   Dale & Carlene Kelley
J31    James Frank Taylor   Mary Jane & Larry Stewart & Gail & Wayland Cothron
G31    Maribelle G. Taylor   Mary Jane & Larry Stewart & Gail & Wayland Cothron
A18    Martha Taylor   Sam Barger
C18    Martha Taylor   The Dixie Carter PAC staff
K30    Billy B. Tines   Carroll Bank & Trust
K28    Jackie Tines   Billy, Laca, & Karrah Tines
K27    Karrah Tines   Billy & Jackie Tines
K29    Laca Tines   Billy & Jackie Tines
C8    Sarah Neely Turner & Mary  Catherine Turner   Pop & Meme Neely
C3    Lynn Wadginski   Donald, Cathy & Caroline Parish
E10    John Wallowitch   Dixie Carter
A14    Reverend Dossie and Nancy  Wheatley   Sam Barger
G16    Virginia Wingo   Charles & Barbara Wingo
     In recognition of:   by:
H21    Architecture, Inc.   Architecture, Inc. of Memphis
C12    Danny & Joyce Carter   Steve, Stanley, Scott, Shawn & Families
D32    Ray & Jo Ina Forbess   Larry & Betty Forbess
D1    Roy & Virginia Goodrum   The Goodrum Family
G2    Sam & Pauline Haywood   Gerald & Mildred Haywood
G21    Dixie Carter & Hal Holbrook   Architecture, Inc. of Memphis
J9    Howard & Judy Johns   The Johns Children & Family
F21    Mayor Dale R. Kelley   Architecture, Inc. of Memphis
B15    Sam & Judy Goodman   50th Anniversary of Dale and Carlene Kelley
A26    D. D. & Clara Maddox   Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne D. Maddox III & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Webster Maddox & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Tim Newsome & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Maddox & Family
F16    Dolly, Billy & Lucy Williams   The Williams Family
     Seat Donations:   by:
B29    Carl and Melissa Powell   Carl and Melissa Powell
F18    Gary and Jo Ann Hatch  

Gary and Jo Ann Hatch

     In memory of:   by:
D12    Jamie Barger   Billy & Jackie Tines
G4    Freddy Blow   Dixie Carter & Hal Holbrook
H5    Lenzie & Ollie Breeden   Gerald & Mildred Haywood
F1    Ocie Burrow   Burrow Family
H9    Nelle Burrow   Burrow Family
B13    Glenn & Frances Bush   Barry and Vicki Summers
D4    Roy Butler   The Roy Butler Family
E15    Adam Carter   Mayor Dale & Carlene Kelley
E14    Adam Carter   The Huntingdon Industrial Development Board
F8    Dixie Carter   Melody Miller and Bill Wilson
F8    Halbert Leroy Carter, Jr.   Dixie Carter & Hal Holbrook
D18    Halbert Carter, Sr.   The Mayor, Council & Employees of the Town of Huntingdon
A24    Halbert Carter, Sr.   Roselyn Espey, Louise Hartstein, Joan Bain, & Lucille Hatley
A25    Halbert Carter, Sr.   Mayor Dale & Carlene Kelley
J28    Billy M. Cary   Carroll Bank & Trust
D17    Billy Cary   Sylvia Carter Cary, Mike & Mark Cary Families
B12    Jack Cibulka   The Jack Cibulka Family
outside bench   Barbara Clifton Branon Special Friend of Dixie Carter   Ken Branon, Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren
E21    W. W. & Marie Clifton   Johnnie & Barbara Clifton
C28    James 'Red' Coleman   Family
H16    Jeremy Crossett   Jimmy & Leigh Crosset
D13    Dwayne Dill   The Dill Family
E29    Billy Espey   Carolyn Espey & Family
B19    Vivian Yelverton Finch   Rob, Janet (Finch), Elizabeth, & Katherine Molinet
B20    John E. Finch   Rob, Janet (Finch), Elizabeth, & Katherine Molinet
D20    Thomas Wayne Fisher   Dale & Carlene Kelley
A5    Graham Funderburk   Billy & Jackie Tines
J5    Richard & Faye Green   Barry & Vickie Summers
A7    Helen Hillsman   The Mayor, Council & Employees of the Town of Huntingdon
D16    Cleo Horn   Daughters Doris Rich & Linda Wallace
E20    Wilburn & Mary Sue Jolly   Mary Margaret Scarbrough
E3    Dwayne Kelley   Town of Huntingdon Council and Employees
B32    Alice M. Schroeder-Kimizuka   H. Kimizuka
B14    Guy Robert & Nelle Kirk   Barry & Vicki Summers
F25    Nelle & Guy Kirk   Bettie K. Wilson
C29    Leon Kirksey   Kirksey Family
D21    Kay Watson Leonard   Dale & Carlene Kelley
C21    Catherine & Lester Magee   Barbara Harding & Karen Voytek
E8    Arvil & Nelle May   Dr. & Mrs. Charles Norman
A23    Everett McBride   The Mayor, Council & Employees of the Town of Huntingdon
A3    Janice McClain   The Mayor, Council & Employees of the Town of Huntingdon
J24    Bernice & Virgie McMinn   Wayne & Deborah Meggs
J24    James Ross "Jim" McKinney   Mayor Dale & Carlene Kelley
B21    Blake & Mary Milam   Mona Casteel & Melinda Popplewell
G17    Bill Moore   Carolyn Espey
H25    Billy J. Moore   Carolyn Espey
F17    Helen J. Moore   Carolyn Espey
E4    Virginia & Robert M. Murray   Judy Murray Bowers
D19    Paul Newmon & In Honor of Jeanie Newmon   "Paul's Girls" Melissa Gurley & Sheri Boyd
K6    Vickie O’Bryant   Mr & Mrs. Robert Agee and Len O’Bryant
A13    Eck Orr   Wayne & Bobbie Cooper
E17    Edward E. “Buddy” Pace   Doris Pace
G12    Billy J. & Dorothy Sue Portis   Their Children Scott Portis, MD, Betty Ann Portis Tanner, Tom Portis, Leigh Ella Portis Jones
A9    Ronald Reiter   Marc & Cassandra Morris
C16    Ronald Reiter   Sharon Reiter
B8    Ronald R. Reiter   Ronald R. Reiter Friends
G25    Ronald R. Reiter   Reiter Family
C27    Ronald R. Reiter   Richard & Martha Reiter, Steve & Jan Reiter Hancock
K17    Doris Rich   Deedra Rich Meadows & Linda Wallace
C32    Margaret A. Rich   Carl & Bobbie Jean Rich & Family
B10    Neal Rich   Dale and Carlene Kelley
A20    Clifford "Squibb" Rust   Rusty & Jim Dean
E6    John H. & Esther Sanders   The Sanders Children
D27    Helen Segebarth   The Mayor, Council & Employees of the Town of Huntingdon
E27    David Smothers   The Mayor, Council & Employees of the Town of Huntingdon
E19    Mr. David Smothers   Vicki, Jeannie, Chad and Martha Taylor
A6    David Smothers   Mayor Dale & Carlene Kelley
C17    Charlotte Spencer   Carol Bethshears
A21    A.J. Taylor   Friends
A15    J. Frank Taylor   J. Larry & Mary Jane Stewart
E25    Lynn Taylor   The Lynn Taylor Family
A22    Bennett Thomson   Hal Holbrook & Dixie Carter
A17    Estelle Todd   Mayor Dale & Carlene Kelley
A16    M. H. "Monk" Todd   Dr. Howell W. Todd
C30    Leon Tucker   Mayor Dale & Carlene Kelley
C31    Leon Tucker   The Mayor, Council & Employees of the Town of Huntingdon
B16    Arthur M. Watwood   Huntingdon Arts & Events Advisory Council
K1    Calvin White   Mayor Dale & Carlene Kelley
D10    Ray White   Dorothy White and Children
B17    Ronnie White   Parents Calvin & Sue White
F4    Spurgeon M. Wingo   Charles & Barbara Wingo
C9    Tina Winkler   The Staff of MMC
C10    Tina Winkler   The Staff of MMC
C13    Tina Winkler   The Staff of MMC
C14    Tina Winkler   The Staff of MMC
C15    Tina Winkler   The Staff of MMC
C11    Tina Winkler   J.C. Carey, PA-C & the Staff of Gleason Clinic
  • 191 Court Square
  • Huntingdon, Tennessee 38344
  • (731) 986-2100