Martin Dance

The Martin Dance Studio will hold registration 
for dance classes for girls 3 years and up in Huntingdon
on Wednesday, August 3 from 2 - 7 p.m. at "The Dixie".

or call Michael and Cornelia Link at 731-642-5465


This is a brief overview of the curriculum offered by Martin Dance Studio at The Dixie. For more information, please visit the Martin Dance Studio Web site. Classes are held on Wednesdays at The Dixie in the lower level dance room. Registration is in August. Recitals are in May.

Mission Statement

Self-confidence, personality-development, grace, fitness and fun are only some of the advantages of good dance training. It is our intent to provide encouragement and challenge to the student in a positive and educational environment. Class sizes range from 5 - 15 students. We pledge to take a personal approach and interest in enhancing the dance experience of every student. It is our goal that students enjoy dance while learning proper technique and developing poise, confidence, coordination and rhythm.

The Martin Dance Studio accepts girls from the age of 3 years and up, offering a wide variety of classes from beginner to advanced levels.

Pre-School: 3 - 5 years old

Our Pre-School classes emphasize the development of basic coordination, rhythm, grace and repetition incorporating stretching, simple acrobatic exercises, and basic dance steps in a playful manner. Our classes are filled with fun and laughter. The emphasis is that dance is to enjoy.

Unlike the intellectual learning experiences in later school life, the musical, rhythmic experiences during early childhood are senso-motoric learning experiences and are considered extremely important for proper development during all facets of pre-school life. Among our teaching techniques, we use imaginative stories and songs to develop creativity and memory, various props like ribbon sticks for exploring creative movement, hand eye coordination, grace and use of arms. Other props in combination with mat exercises are used to build muscle strength, spatial awareness and confidence. For more information, please request our Pre-School brochure.


By the age of 5, children can begin “serious” dance classes. We follow the guidelines of The National Dance Association suggesting class sizes of 7-15 students to be taught for 45-60 minutes. We also strictly enforce a dress code.

In our ballet classes, students will learn proper posture, correct terminology and music appreciation as they gain strength, discipline and grace. Cecchetti and Vaganova methods of training are used.

Pointe (ballet dancing on toe) classes are offered to students who have gained sufficient strength through proper training, well-developed body coordination and proper skeletal alignment. We do not recommend pointe work before the age of 11.


Jazz forms the basis for musical dance. Our classes offer different styles and an opportunity for students to become creative as they explore traditional and modern avenues. All classes will include technique lessons encompassing stretching and body conditioning exercises. These exercises are designed to augment and support each student’s endeavor to gain strength and a broader knowledge of dance.

Instructor Bio

Cornelia Link started dance training during her grade school years in Germany. Her parents enrolled her in dance classes at the State Opera of Braunschweig where she participated in over 30 performances. As a student assistant she discovered her love for dance and her desire to work with children. Later, she attended master classes at the Dance Academy in Vienna, Austria. In 1973, Miss Cornelia began offering classical ballet classes in Martin, Tennessee on the second floor of a small drafty warehouse. Ballet training was initially offered in Variations, Repertoire, Pas de Deux and Pointe. Classes in Tap, Jazz, Modern were added shortly thereafter. A very popular, comprehensive pre-school program was developed in recent years to meet the needs of early childhood education for 3 - 5 year old girls. Today, Miss Cornelia is teaching in studios located in Martin, Milan, Paris, Brownsville and Huntingdon. Miss Cornelia has been involved in programs with the Giacobbe School of Dance in New Orleans, choreography for local performing groups, theatre performances at UTM, numerous dance presentations as well as exercise and aerobics programs. She has performed as a Senior Member of the Jackson Ballet Arts in such works as: “Nutcracker”, “Who Cares”, and “Les Sylphides”. Mr. Michael has a B.S. degree in Food & Agricultural Sciences as well as a minor in Music Education. They reside on their farm near Paris, Tennessee and have two children, Dierk (32), Sabina (30), and one grandchild, Ella (4).

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